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Are you new to music lessons? Many of our students come to Music Time as first time beginners (whether children, teens or adults), while some come as advanced professionals looking for specific help on an instrument. Many adults come to us to either revisit an instrument they left behind for “real life” long ago, or to finally explore singing, or that one instrument they always wanted to try! Wherever you fit in as far as age or skill level, our team of high quality instructors can help you get closer to your musical goals.

Most students (age 6+) at Music Time choose to enroll in a weekly, 30 minute private music lesson that is focused on one instrument. Please click here for general information about private lessons. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, ALL LESSONS ARE CURRENTLY ONLINE ONLY.

Students (age 8+) are highly encouraged to explore one of our various “Make More Music” Bands. These group music-making sessions are a fun and exciting opportunity to apply the skills learned during private lessons. Click here for more information about Make More Music.

For students under age 7, we recommend starting music classes through our playful and age-appropriate “Meet Music” program, rather than private lessons. Click here for more information about Meet Music. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, MEET MUSIC CLASSES ARE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.



Please feel free to email us at or call us at 925-456-3460

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