At Music Time Academy, we strive to keep our rates reasonable and competitive, making formal music education accessible to everyone. We are proud to be a vendor with Connecting Waters, Visions in Education & Vista Oaks Charter Schools, please let us know if you would like to use a PO to cover lesson tuition.

Private Music Lessons (Ages 6+):

$150 monthly* (weekly, 30 minute private lesson) – MOST POPULAR CHOICE
$140 monthly* (weekly, 30 minute private lessons for additional students)
$210 monthly* (weekly, 45 minute private lesson)
$290 monthly* (weekly, 60 minute private lesson or 30 minute private lessons for 2 students)

*Please see important tuition notes at the bottom of this page

Are you ready to give private lessons a try?

Make More Music Sessions:

Ukulele Club (All ages) and Wednesday Jam Night: FREE! Weekly, 1 hour

Bands/Ensembles – weekly, 1 hour
Winter, Spring & Fall Sessions: $180 / $240 (non-private lesson students)
Summer Sessions: $120 / $160 (non-private lesson students)

– Fees are always non-refundable.
– An Enrollment Fee of $35 per student is due at the start of private lessons. This Fee is waived if you choose automatic payments through a credit/debit card or eCheck.
– Our reasonable monthly tuition rates (for private lessons) remain consistent throughout the year. Most months students will receive 4 lessons, however occasionally students will receive 5 lessons or 3 lessons (depending on holidays and each student’s regular lesson day). For the current student calendar, please CLICK HERE.
– Tuition is due on the first of the month, for that month (pro-rated if students start mid-month).
– We offer many convenient payment options, like automatic payments via any major credit card or eCheck, or manual payments online or in person via cash, check, money order, or in-store credit card swipe.

Discounts Available:
– Low income students (must show proof, email us for details)
– Families or groups that wish to enroll multiple students (see rates above)
– Scholarships for outstanding students of all ages (must apply)

Referral Program:
Once enrolled, save 25% off of tuition (for 1 month, based on tuition rate for a single student only) or 10% off of a Meet Music session for each student you refer to Music Time Academy. Refer 4 friends and get a free month of private lessons