Adam Lowdermilk

Adam-Best-Bass-PictureInstruments Taught: Bass (beginning through advanced), Guitar (beginning through advanced), Piano (beginning through advanced), Drums (beginning and intermediate), Ukulele (beginning through advanced)
Hometown:San Diego, CA
Years playing:10+
Teaching Since:2008
Musical Influences: Dave Holland, Bill Evans, Paul Jackson, Herbie Hancock
Education: Master’s of Fine Arts in Music Performance and Literature (with a focus on Improvisation) from Mills College, Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz from University of California, Santa Cruz
Musical Projects: Albino! Afrobeat, Cradle Duende, Rubix, and recently began leading his own group, Kuckaw!
Books Used:Faber Piano Adventures Series, Ernie Ball Guitar Method Books, Alfred’s Kid’s Drum Course, Walking Bassics, The Improviser’s Bass Method, The Jazz Bass Book
Key Teaching Concepts:Building a solid foundation of technique, theory, practical application, and most importantly, fun!
Teaching Days: Mondays, Thursdays

A full-time, professional musician Adam Lowdermilk is somewhat of an enigma, with equally inspirational and impressive qualifications as student, teacher, and performer. Recipient of a Master’s Degree in Music Performance and Literature from Mills College in Oakland, Adam has also performed across the globe with award-winning ensembles. recently appearing at Festival International Jazz Plaza in Havana, Cuba with the Will Magid 4. A passionate instructor, Adam’s appreciation for both music and knowledge is validated with extensive education and experience, allowing him to offer a unique and valuable musical perspective his students.

Originally from San Diego, California, Adam relocated to Northern California when he began his undergraduate studies in Jazz at University of California, Santa Cruz. Adam currently performs with a variety of groups throughout the Bay Area including  Albino! Afrobeat, Cradle Duende, Rubix, and recently began leading his own group, Kuckaw!

“My connection with the world is driven by the discovery and appreciation of sounds, as well as their relationship to the human experience,” Adam explains, “When creating and performing music, I aim for innovation and clarity while attempting to retain an inspired, organic and intuitive creative process”

“I can confidently say that my biggest strength as a teacher is a high level of dedication towards the success of my students. I spend a lot of time outside of lessons preparing unique materials for each person, and always strive hard to see them improve, enjoying the process as they go along.” Lessons are catered specifically towards the interests of each student, and will include constructing a detailed lesson plan that maps out goals and helps you reach them promptly.

Adam is an avid surfer and skateboarder, and enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and playing chess.


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