Danny Echevarria

dannyInstruments Taught: Violin (beginning through advanced), Guitar (beginning through advanced), Bass (beginning and intermediate), Digital Music Production (beginning through advanced).
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Years Playing: Violin – 20+, Guitar/Bass – 15+
Teaching Since: 2006
Musical Influences: Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Townes Van Zandt, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Willie Nelson, Robyn Hitchcock, Sonic Youth, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Cocteau Twins, The Replacements, Catherine Irwin, Robert Fripp (especially his playing with David Bowie), Dolly Parton, The Velvet Underground, Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel!), Bela Bartok (string quartets!), Don Rich (guitar/fiddle with Buck Owens), Prokofiev, Stephane Grappelli, the list goes on…
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music from University of California, Santa Cruz
Musical Projects: Dan Destiny, Swanifant, the Swingin’ Doors, the New Family Band, New Thrill Parade, Battlehooch, Cthonic Theater, Four Larks Theatre UCSC orchestra, The Album Leaf, David Novick, Antarctica Takes It, Tyler Parkford (Mini Mansions)
Key teaching concepts: Emphasis on ear training and intuitive approaches to making music, while introducing music theory concepts gradually. Each student’s individual interests tend to determine the course of study more than anything. Danny utilizes his recording experience in lessons, encouraging students to record and listen to themselves playing. He will happily talk music theory all day, if it resonates with the student. If not, he is perfectly content to just have fun rocking out! “My philosophy on teaching music is that, just as you learn to speak before you learn to read, you should learn to make an instrument ‘speak’ before you emphasize reading music from a score.”
Teaching Days: Mondays & Fridays

Danny Echevarria is a multi-instrumentalist, instructor, and composer who is as comfortable on stage as he is in a recording studio. His well-rounded teaching experience includes not only private instruction, but also a variety of group instruction on guitar, violin, and rock band. He has worked with students of all of ages and skill levels in several varieties of schools (College Prep, Elementary, Day Schools) and summer camps over the past years since receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from University of California, Santa Cruz. At UC Santa Cruz, Danny studied violin under Roy Malan (concertmaster of SF Ballet), and graduated with a special concentration in electronic music and recording. Consistent throughout any teaching setting, Danny’s lessons emphasize a fun, intuitive approach to making music. His goal as a music teacher is to cultivate in his students a lifelong interest in and appreciation for making music, whether they aim to pursue music professionally or as a hobby.

Outside of teaching, Danny has performed and recorded with ensembles in styles ranging from high-energy rock and roll to traditional country to electronic dance music, and just about everything else in between – even theater groups and orchestras. He has been on two self-booked/promoted tours of the United States, and did sound design for “As If” (a theatrical adaptation of the movie Clueless).

“I especially enjoy working with students who are interested in making recordings of their work. I have done recording projects with a number of my students, and I feel that recording opens students up to whole new ways of thinking about making music. There is something incredible and illuminating about hearing your own performance reproduced for your ears in a new way; recording is always a rewarding experience, and I also happen to think that it is really fun.”


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