Pete Egan

peteInstruments Taught: Piano (beginning through advanced), Guitar (beginning and intermediate), Bass (beginning and intermediate), Drums (beginning and intermediate)
Hometown: Binghamton, New York
Years playing:
Teaching Since:
Musical Influences:
Education: Degree in Sound Recording Technology, with a concentration in Jazz Studies from SUNY Fredonia
Musical Projects: Top Secret (Top 40 covers), and Emily Afton (singer/songwriter), Alligator West (Swamp-Rock), Evergreen Dub (Rock/Reggae), and Treehouse Orchestra (Indie/Post-rock)
Key teaching concepts: “I like struggling endlessly toward unattainable goals. that way there’s always more to live for.”
Book/Methods Used:
Teaching Days: Fridays

Pete Egan is known best for his keyboard skills, although (like most of our diverse, well-balanced staff) he does not limit his musical skills to the confines of just one instrument. Pete teaches a wide variety of instruments including piano, guitar and percussion. He is also a writer, producer & engineer. He especially enjoys helping his students learn arranging, theory, and improvisation.

Originally from Binghamton, a small town in upstate New York , Pete first was introduced to music when his parents enrolled him in piano lessons around the age of 8 (mostly because they thought he’d be better at music than sports). Although we’ll never know for sure how he would have done on the football field, we are glad that Pete decided to follow his parents’ advice!

In 2008, Pete completed a degree in Sound Recording Technology, with a concentration in Jazz Studies from SUNY Fredonia, not far from his hometown in upstate New York. Shortly after graduation, Pete decided to leave his East Coast home and make the trek out west to California. He considers the move here to be an experiment in discovery & self-reliance, which has been a success so far. Pete especially enjoys the San Francisco Bay Area for it’s vibrant and constantly evolving music scene, which he feels honored to be a part of, and which continues to be a source of inspiration to him.


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