Instrument Repair Services

Got dents, squeaky notes, loose hinges, springs or buttons on your instrument? Or maybe you think it might be something more serious?

If you are having an issue with your instrument (whether it’s rented through us or not), please contact us at with as much information & detail as possible about your issue – photos/videos are encouraged!

We do FREE estimates!

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Before and After straight from our repair shop:

After silver plated Getzen Music Time Academy Repair Shop brass band instrument livermore san francisco bay area

*AFTER* Creased silver-plated Getzen Trumpet bell

Outside look at creased trumpet bell, silver-plated getzen brass trumpet music time musical instrument repair livermore band service san francisco bay area east

*BEFORE* Creased silver-plated Getzen Trumpet Bell

Jupiter Trumpet Repair Music Time Academy Livermore brass band instrument repair

*AFTER*  Jupiter  Trumpet  Repair

Jupiter trumpet repair, Music Time Academy Livermore California Brass Woodwind Band instrument repair shop

*BEFORE* Jupiter Trumpet Repair

                                                                                                                                            Free consultation and estimate.

Competitive prices.

Creased Trumpet Bell Music Time Academy Repair Shop Rental brass and wood wind band instrument

*BEFORE* Inside Creased Trumpet Bell

Creased Trumpet Bell Repair Music Time Academy Livermore Dublin rental repair shop band brass woodwind wood wind instruments

*AFTER* Inside Creased Trumpet Bell Repair


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Free weekly class, Mondays at 8pm. Email us for details (