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Registration: An initial payment is required to reserve a weekly lesson appointment. A one-time, non-refundable registration fee is required upon enrollment, unless specifically noted that it is waived as a special offer.

Monthly Tuition: Payment is due in full on the 1st of every month, for that month. Tuition is always non-refundable, even in the case of mid-month cancellations or emergency absences. Payment does NOT guarantee “makeup” lessons outside of the regular, weekly appointment. There is a $35 late fee is for payments received after the 7th of the month. Payments over 30 days late will be charged 20% interest, compounded every 30 days. Students are responsible for all monthly tuition fees incurred from the lesson start date (as indicated below) until 30 days after written, electrontic cancellation notice is received.

24-Hour Cancellation Notice: For a makeup lesson to be considered (again, NEVER GUARANTEED!), written, electronic notification must be received by no less than 24 hours prior to the lesson start time. Please use our easy online form at https://musictimeacademy.com/notice

Makeups: You’re guaranteed as many makeups as you want! Miss your lessons, don’t call – we don’t mind! Just kidding. Notification of absence does NOT guarantee a makeup lesson! Makeups are ALWAYS subject to studio & instructor availability, which varies on a case by case basis. Makeups will not be scheduled more than 10 days in advance. All makeup lessons must occur within 30 days of the initial absence. But they are not guaranteed.

Illnesses & Emergencies: In the case of unforeseen circumstances when 24 hour cancellation notice is not possible, tuition remains non-refundable. Makeups may be offered, at the discretion of Music Time Academy, and subject to availability. No more than 3 emergency (less than 24 hour notice) makeup lessons will be offered per calendar year.

Instructors: Students enroll with Music Time Academy, not individual instructors. Students may not solicit instructors for teaching outside of the studio. We reserve the right to change instructors temporarily (i.e., hire a substitute) or permanently. You will most likely experience a substitute teacher at some point, please understand that seeing more than one prespective is a GOOD THING! Our teachers are people too – people that get sick, travel, and have family or other obligations that sometimes conflict with their teaching schedule.

30 Days Notice for Withdrawal: Students are responsible for tuition payments until 30 days after cancellation notice is received via the online form at https://musictimeacademy.com/notice. Oral notice, either over the phone or in-person, is NOT valid, whether it’s to the instructor or to our Administrative staff. Tuition payment is never refunded for stopping lessons mid month. If cancellation notice is received mid-month, your final tuition payment will be prorated. Missed lessons that have not received “makeups” are NOT refundable upon withdrawal. Did I mention makeups are NOT guaranteed? They’re still not. Even with 24 hour notice, we just can’t promise it. Wish we could. We can’t.

Photo/Video Release: Music Time Academy has permission to use videos and/or  photographs of students in lessons or performances (names unlisted) for marketing material. Permission is granted to Music Time Academy to copyright such photographs in its name.

Injuries: Students waive the right to any legal action for any injuries sustained on studio property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after lesson time.

Unattended Children: Unattended children (12 or younger) are not allowed on studio property. Students assume full responsibility for any damage to studio property (including, but not limited to: plumbing, furniture, carpet/upholstery, musical equipment, retail items) caused by misuse, carelessness, or negligence. Students are not allowed in any spaces labeled “Employees Only”, behind the retail counter, or in any lesson rooms (except during their specified lesson time).

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