1. Claim Your Free Face Mask – SORRY, ALL OUT

    January 7, 2021 by kidmoe11

  2. How to Film & Submit Your Video

    November 17, 2020 by kidmoe11

    Joining the Digital Winter Concert MMXXv2.0? Please make sure that you have “officially” signed up to perform using the online …
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  3. “Bandwidth Us”: Join our Digital Winter Concert.

    November 15, 2020 by kidmoe11

  4. Looking to rent an instrument?

    September 6, 2020 by kidmoe11

    Since our storefront is closed for in-person services at this time, all rental instruments will be shipped directly to your …
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  5. Space-Age, 2020 Digital Concert Experience – ALL VIDEOS ARE NOW ONLINE!


    July 2, 2020 by kidmoe11

    You can shelter us in place, but you cannot stop the rock! Thank you to all who participated in the …
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  6. COVID-19 Update

    March 15, 2020 by kidmoe11

    Greetings, friends. In the midst of this chaos, may music be your solace! For the upcoming 3 weeks (March 16th-22nd, March …
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  7. Perform in the 2020 Spring Concert!

    March 2, 2020 by kidmoe11

    Sign-ups are open NOW. It’s that time, folks! The format is similar to the Winter Concert. ALL students (regardless of …
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  8. SPACE 2020 – Make More Music

    December 28, 2019 by kidmoe11

    JAMSPACE | SONGSPACE | BEATSPACE | UKESPACE A whole new frontier of music-making is here for 2020! Some of us …
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  9. Dec 2019: George Brahler, In Kansas? In the Air Force? Just Keep on Playin’

    December 28, 2019 by kidmoe11

    If you take lessons on Sundays, you may have had the good fortune of meeting George. Although George is not …
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  10. Nov 2019: Kristen Marie, Strings, Songs & Opening Up Your Mind

    November 22, 2019 by kidmoe11

    Just in time for a sunny California winter, Kristen Marie is relocating to the Bay Area from Ohio this January. …
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